An Evolutionary Leap For The Marine Industry

Technology and Goals


Innovative boat designs that genuinely enhance the boating experience are rare.

Aspen Power Catamarans is that rare breed of cat. This new series combines the revolutionary efficiencies of a patent pending hull with the latest technology and design amenities to make boating more enjoyable and affordable.

At Aspen our goal is to maximize your precious moments on the water by building the world's most efficient and earth-friendly boat that is also attractive, comfortable and easy to handle. With more than 30 years combined experience, our design team has pushed through old paradigms to develop the next generation of boating.

After considering many designs, the team settled on a completely new hull design and drive system that can be described as a "single diesel power proa." While identical in profile, the hulls are very different in plain view, with one hull 35 percent thininer than the other. Additionally, the design utilizes only one engine, shaft, prop and keel. The design's non-symmetrical or asymmetrical hulls are shaped to compensate for the engine torque. Since both forces are proportional to speed and thrust, the boat runs straight. We call this the SeaGlider system.

The benefits of the SeaGlider technology are significant. While the thinner proa hull is only 35 percent thinner, its actual drag is approximately 50 percent less. This fluid dynamic relationship results in "a little thinner equals a lot less energy." This hull also has none of the typical, twin engine, appendage drag seen on most boats. Drive gear such as the keel, shaft, rudder and prop typically add another 20 percent drag.

Beyond this, the single engine design saves dramatically on machinery weight, which in turn saves on the required structure component sizes, necessary fuel and the corresponding weight. All these savings reduce the boat's weight by approximately 40 percent. The result of less weight is much less drag.

Aspen offers boaters a perfect haven due to its balance of environmental and performance efficiencies in combination with its roomy layout and exceptional comfort. The aspen hull and its many benefits are all rooted in solid engineering principles and creative innovation.

Design Concept

The Aspen hull design begins with a very efficient full displacement, high-speed starboard drive hull that has significantly more beam than a standard catamaran. This extra beam allows for a spacious engine and machinery installation and easy access for service. The spacious drive hull also gives expansive stateroom accommodations.

The port side proa hull is 35 percent finer than the drive hull and has no underwater drive or rudder appendage drag. Both hull shapes are asymmetric and tailored to efficiently balance the drive forces, allowing for straight tracking and a balanced helm in all sea conditions. The net effect of this combination is a dramatic leap forward for power catamaran technology in both space and efficiency.

If you have owned a modern, twin-engine, power cat and run it on one engine, you have been surprised at its high level of performance, tracking and handling. The Aspen hull with its single engine tailored shape exceeds the performance of a twin engine cat. Aspen’s patent pending proa design tailors the hull and drive for ideal performance with a modern, electronically, fuel-injected Cummins 380 HP diesel engine.

Construction Features and Goals

The Aspen series is the culmination of a passionate design team’s dreams for the ideal cruising boat. We boat year round, constantly looking for the next amazing anchorage, cove, or remote waterfront village. For everyone's boating pleasure, we are pushing the innovation envelope for convenience, comfort and a thoughtful use of resources.  The Sea Glider 16 rowing catamaran is the ideal boat to explore the area around your ultimate anchorage.